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International [#4]

August 29, 2006

Five Germans in an Audi Quattro arrive at the Italian border. The Italian Customs Officer stops them and tells them:

– It’s a illegala to put a cinque people in a Quattro.

– Vot do you mean it’s illegal? asks the German driver.

– Quattro meansa four! replies the Italian official.

– Quattro is just ze name of ze automobile! the German says unbelievingly. Look at ze dam papers: ze car is designed to karry 5 persons.

– You canta puta thata one on me! replies the Italian customs officer. Quattro meansa four. You have five-a people in a car and you are breaking the law.

– I vant to speak to someone viz more intelligence zupervisor over !

– Sorry. He can’ta come righta know . He’sa busy witha 2 guys in a Fiat Uno.

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